CPC Overview


The NIAID funded UTMB Clinical Proteomics Center's objective is to discover, qualify, and verify candidate protein biomarkers relevant to infectious diseases caused by NIAID Category A-C pathogens and emerging and re-emerging infectious disease pathogens. Candidate biomarkers may be of pathogen or infected host origin.

Our intent is to enable collaborating investigators with methods to identify predictive biomarker panels of outcome or therapeutics in humans with NIAID Category A-C pathogens or new/emerging infectious pathogens.

We are looking for established projects where biomarker identification would be clinically useful.

For approved projects,

  • You supply clinical samples and data.

  • We will provide advanced proteomics and bioinformatics analyses at no charge to the collaborating investigators

Projects are submitted on-line as brief Pre-proposals for Center and NIAID review. Approved Pre-proposals are collaboratively developed into full Proposals for external Scientific review (six leading experts from the scientific community) and NIAID approval. Samples and data are then transferred to the center for analysis.

We then provide:

  1. Candidate protein biomarker discovery in plasma or other biofluids using a novel biofluid analysis platform.

  2. Predictive panels of biomarkers and models for disease/outcome prediction.

  3. Assays to qualify and subsequently verify biomarker panels in larger populations.

  4. Data sharing with the scientific community.

  5. Reagent distribution (e.g. clones, expression constructs, antibodies) by the Biodefense and Emerging Infections Research Resources Repository (BEI).

How to engage us

We are available at any time to consult with interested researchers regarding their project Pre-proposal to discuss optimal study design, endpoint identification and sample preparation. Please send an email to Dr. Allan Brasier. Pre-proposals are submitted via this website. Go to Pre-proposal Submission.

The clinical proteomics center is funded by contract number HHSN272200800048C.


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